ENJOY the #Mayflyhunt

Your first 6 clues!



MAYFLY SCAVENGER HUNT 1st 6 CLUES… have fun and visit local stores to get the rest of the clues along the way!


  1. Al Capone didn’t need this pole to help him get his bootlegged beverages out of Columbia.

  2. The Wrights Ferry Crossing was on the banks of the river, and Columbia Crossing visitors can sit outside under this to enjoy the scenic views… look up!

  3. Enjoy some Coffee and Cream as you walk up Walnut street, but look for a sign on your way into town.

  4. Columbia has free public parking in this lot – so don’t miss the clue when you get ready to turn in.

  5. Keep the lights on and don’t pause a second on this one – cash in on this clue by visiting the historic depository where a failed robbery still has it’s mark in history.

  6. This is one of Columbia’s famous mansions – and helped us stay on the right side of history.